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If you are a vacation home owner and NOT getting the rental results that you should OR you are thinking about renting your vacation home, then consider Birdie 18, LLC. We ACTIVELY market your property. We are dedicated and laser focused on doing vacation rentals right. EmailUs or call 1-360-448-0883.

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Not getting the rental income you need? - Call Us

We book reservations year round, 7 days a week. We are delivering from 80% to 95% of vacation rental market potential, per unit, a year for our clients who desire maximum return. Of course, not everyone wants their vacation home rented all the time. We are flexible about that. After all, you probably bought your vacation rental home for your own vacations. Right? View our current Eagle Crest Resort Listings


Birdie 18, LLC is one of the few family owned vacation rental agencies, and we are a registered corporation in Oregon. We take a lot of pride in what we do. We will manage your vacation property in YOUR best interests. Here are just a few benefits when you list with us:

— We cover all costs of rental operations out of our fee including advertising, credit card processing, supplies, housekeeping, security inspections, etc.

— We ACTIVELY market your vacation rental property.

— Available to guests and owners 7 days a week. We have ON-SITE management to respond immediately to issues.

— Vacation rentals are our ONLY focus. This is not a sideline.

— Our website is rated number 2 (Eagle Crest Hotel is number 1) with an SEO score of 90 percent for "Eagle Crest Resort". We list your vacation rental on our home Web Page plus a separate page for your property with details and with at least 7 photos on our heavily visited web site (received 36,000 visits in the last 12 months). We also advertise on several vacation rental directories and travel related magazines.

— Take care of everything related to rentals.

— Additional services, e.g. monthly security and maintenance inspection, routine maintenance, run appliances and water during the off-season, and other CareFree™ services.

— On site, guest relations capability

— Detailed reports sent with payment to you; pay you promptly every month

— Maintenance staff; usually able to respond - same day.

— Flexible on owner/guest usage and number of nights set aside for rental.

For more information, give me a call 1-360-448-0883 or email reservations@birdie18guesthouse.com . Regards, Mark Fields