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Dining Guide - Reviews of Bend — Redmond Area Restaurants

Below you will find a directory and dining guide of Bend Sisters Redmond Oregon area restaurants. Dining and restaurant choices have definitely improved over the years. At present you have varied and excellent dining choices not only in Bend but also in Sisters and Redmond.

While staying at Birdie 18 Guesthouses, we suggest you try some of the many excellent dining choices available in Redmond. We are pleased to provide this dining guide - restaurant directory - featuring basic dining information. We have personally dined at these restaurants in the dining guide and our ratings are unbiased. We plan on trying out many more and sharing our ratings with you.

The dining guide ratings are a balance amongst several factors that make up what we regard as a memorable dining experience at local restaurants. These factors include cost, quality, quantity, service and ambience. In the dining guide you will find suggestions for casual family dining as well as fine dining.

We are getting a lot of traffic to this page on our website which tells us that we need to update the list and add more description to the restaurants. We will be working on this and adding a new look this winter.

Review - Coyote Ranch - Redmond

Located in Hwy 97 just out of Redmond towards Bend, Coyote is a great local steakhouse. We find the service staff to be efficient and friendly. The cobb salad is incredible. We suggest reservations. We recommend Coyote.

Redmond Oregon Dining Guide - lodging info, quotes and reservations

Restaurant Birdie Rating 1 to 3 Location Address Telephone Emphasis Noteworthy


Brickhouse Restaurant Birdie Redmond, Oregon 412 SW 6th 541/526-1782 NW fare

Update Aug 2010; much improved.
Prior review: Weak cocktails, service staff could use some social skills, food good



Redmond, Oregon 1857 NW 6th St 541/316-2029 steaks and seafood Pending new review -
Niblick and Greene's Restaurant Birdie Redmond, Oregon 1522 SW Cline Falls Rd 541/923-9626 classic fare New location and ambience disappoints $$$
Coyote Ranch Restaurant BirdieBirdie Redmond, Oregon 1368 S Highway 97 541/ 548-7700 steaks and seafood Oct 2010: Regrets, kitchen problems $$$
Madelines Grill and Steakhouse BirdieBirdieBirdie Redmond, Oregon 2414 S Highway 97
541/ 548-9964 huge menu; always delicious Best breakfast in town; great dinners; try seafood enchilada $$
Mustard Seed Cafe Birdie Redmond, Oregon 614 NW Cedar Ave 541/923-2599 daily fish & pasta specials Out of Business $$
Jody's Drive Up Take Out BirdieBirdieBirdie Redmond, Oregon 807 SW 14th St 541/923-5639 take out Burgers are close to homemade $
15th Street Deli BirdieBirdieBirdie Redmond, Oregon 1430 SW Highland
541/526-1380 subs Oops: closed by economic downturn $
Sullys Italian Restaurant BirdieBirdie Redmond, Oregon 314 SE 5th St 541/548-5483 Italian Solid Italian $$
Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant BirdieBirdie Redmond, Oregon 2414 S Highway 97 541/548-9964 Tex/Mex Reliably good family restaurant. Kid friendly $$
Gallery Restaurant BirdieBirdie Sisters, Oregon 220 W. Cascade 541/549-2631 breakfast Homemade applesauce kills $$
Tumalo Feed Company BirdieBirdie Bend, Oregon 64619 W. Hwy 20 541/382-2202 western style steak house Still one of the most popular restaurants around. $$
Mercury Diner Birdie Bend, Oregon 1444 NW College Way 541/330-0037 home style comfort food parking is an issue $$
Pine Tavern BirdieBirdieBirdie Bend, Oregon 967 NW Brooks St 541/382-5581 nw cuisine A Bend landmark restaurant; nothing like it for a special occasion $$$$
High Tides Seafood Grill Birdie Bend, Oregon 1045 NW Bond St 541/389-5244 fresh seafood regrets: scarce tables $$$$
Gregs Grill BirdieBirdie Bend, Oregon 395 Sw Powerhouse Dr 541/382-2200 classic fare Beautiful interior. We visited again and revised our rating up. $$$$
Johnny Carino's Italian BirdieBirdie Bend, Oregon 63455 N Hwy 97 541/318-6300 Italian Lot's of food for the money $$
Anthony's Homeport BirdieBirdieBirdie Bend, Oregon 475 Southwest Powerhouse Drive 541/389-8998 seafood VG. Ambience and food great $$$$

obligatory disclaimer - Redmond Oregon Dining Guide

We are not professional food critics. Our opinions are based upon our personal tastes. Your preferences may vary from ours. That is: this is just our opinion, we could be wrong. Thank you for visiting us. Use the navigation bar on the right to explore our site. Or contact us for reservations

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