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You don’t have to be a rock climber to enjoy Smith Rock in Central Oregon near Terrebonne. In fact, many visitors and vacationers frequent Smith Rock State Park to take in the scenic beauty. The park offers camping, hiking, walking trails, wildlife watching, fishing, and picnic facilities.

Smith Rock rises 550 feet above the high desert floor, reaching a total altitude of about 3,000 feet above sea level. Smith Rock is a volcanic formation composed of compressed volcanic ash and basalt rock. The park itself encompasses over 600 acres of high desert plateau. Smith Rock is renowned internationally for it’s 1600 rock climbing routes and scenic beauty.

Located between Redmond and Terrebonne, Smith Rock State Park is easily accessible from the main highway, HWY 97, and the spectacular rock formations can be seen from this main highway. Crooked River runs through the park. It is a definite "must see" on your vacation.

Smith Rock

Picnics at Smith Rock State Park

The picnic area is located on the bluff overlooking the river canyon. No fires are allowed, and no smoking. The high desert is a fragile, dry ecosystem. There are restroom facilities.

Hiking at Smith Rock

Vacationers can take a 30 minute walk along the Crooked River that cuts through the park or take up to a day long hike along the self guided scenic trails measuring 7 miles. The trails connect to the picnic area.

Wildlife, Flora and Geology

Made sure you take your camera and binoculars on your walk or hike. You may encounter golden eagles, canadian geese, cliff swallows, mule deer, prairie falcons, redtail hawks, river otter, and beaver. Please do not disturb nesting wildlife. The desert flora is in full flower during the early and mid springtime and can be spectacular. If you are looking for guided tours, you will need to search the Internet. Many associations host such tours including geology tours.

Preparing for a visit

The best times of year for a visit are Spring and Fall. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees in summer, limiting enjoyment to the early morning. Use fees are required for both day use and camping. If you bring a pet, also bring the lease as there is a leash law. Smith Rock State Park does not allow RV’s nor fires. You can camp in the park, but why not stay with us instead. Smith Rock is just 20 minutes away from our luxury, resort townhouses.

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